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About us

Company description

TAPCO-М is a leading producer and supplier of metal-working machinery to perform roofing, facade and other construction works in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

Established in: 2000

Status: a producer and supplier of metal-working machinery, a developer of ready-made sheet -metalworking solutions.

A distributor of international manufacturers: Van Mark, Schechtl, Mazanek, Durma, Eurobuoor and Pilous.

An exclusive distributor of Metal Master and Magnabend in Russia and the CIS countries.

The company has representative offices in the following cities: Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Minsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Demo-hall: More than 80 equipment models are presented in the Moscow demo-hall of 400 sq.m. in area.

Dealer network: 40 dealers in Russia and Belarus.

TAPCO-M company can provide turnkey solutions for roofers:

  • Development of complete production cycle
  • Mobile machines for on-site operation
  • Workshop equipment
  • Manual tools
  • Automated lines

TAPCO-M in figures

  • 23 years of successful activity in the metalworking market.
  • an average growth in annual turnover is 40%
  • 90% of TAPCO-M product range is stock available in Moscow and regions.
  • 3,000 product line items more than 500 models of equipment and 20 product categories.
  • 10,000 companies from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok are provided with TAPCO-M equipment for the entire period of company operation.

Our service

Service center

For the convenience of our customers we have our own service center which provides warranty and post-warranty services within the shortest possible time. We can guarantee free consultations on equipment operation, make orders and delivery of spare parts and consumables as well as conduct of commissioning and supervised installation.

Our own warehouse

TAPCO-M company is primarily an ex stock supplier of equipment. The warehouse program provides for the stock availability of 90% TAPCO-M product range in Moscow and regions. Each official regional representative office has its own warehouse.

Regional warehouses are replenished with equipment on a weekly basis. There is a possibility to deliver equipment directly from the warehouse on the day of payment.

Demo halls

The Moscow central office and the representative offices have permanent demonstration halls where you can see machines at work. More than 80 equipment models are presented in the Moscow demo-hall of 400 sq.m. in area.

At any convenient time a customer can get acquainted with the equipment presented in the demo-hall. This reduces operational risks and gives full confidence in the right choice. The exhibition halls are in close proximity to the TAPCO-M offices.

Our leaders

Van Mark (USA)

Van Mark Products Corporation has been pursuing the production philosophy – to exceed customer expectations! - for 50 years already. It comes as no surprise that these Americans are considered to be one of the best manufacturers of mobile equipment for on-site material bending and cutting.

Since 1964 Van Mark has been producing light construction equipment to conduct works on roofing, facade installation and other exterior finish of buildings with high requirements to the quality of the material used.

Since 2001 Van Mark has been supplying professional equipment and tools for sheet metal working to the Russian and CIS market. The company offers more than 30 models of manual sheet benders of four different series.

The following is among the advantages that distinguish Van Mark equipment from other aluminum sheet benders: the US production with the use of 100% US components, record depth of sheet feed, high reliability and operational durability.

Metal Master (Russia, Germany, Poland, South-East Asia)

More than 10 years ago, the Metal Master company introduced to the market turnkey high-tech metal working solutions.

Today Metal Master is a group of engineering centers in Russia and Germany which has contract EU-certified production in Poland, China and Russia. Such resource optimization has significantly strengthened the company's position in the market - high technological quality is supplemented by acceptable consumer prices.

Metal Master engineering products are presented by a number of models and modifications of metal working and profiling machines and equipment for metal bending and cutting.

In its activity, the company follows the principles of innovative solutions and thorough quality control.

Quality. Benefit. Individual approach

Proven Quality

TAPCO-M supplies the equipment of proven international manufacturers only. The long-term cooperation with these manufacturers has resulted in integrated two-stage product quality control. Each machine is tested by manufacturer prior to its shipment to the transport company and during its acceptance by TAPCO-M warehouse.

It is obligatory for Metal Master equipment to pass pre-assembly parts quality control. Every part is hand-checked for manufacturing defects.

Fair prices policy

The TAPCO-M pricing policy means fair prices policy. Our customers have an opportunity to get the best market conditions thanks to the long-term cooperation with equipment manufacturers and expertise in metal working market.

Customer-oriented approach

A team of experienced experts will help you choose the equipment to solve specific technological tasks with due account customers for financial possibilities. Our knowledge in typical production problem areas, and the equipment delivery terms and conditions reduces production risks and customers’ unforeseen costs in the future.

We can offer


TAPCO-M company can offer turnkey metal working solutions to the customers.


Our team is able to provide a broad range of technical consultation services: development of individual solutions, equipment test drive option, technical support and information support.


We are ready to share our wealth of experience and professionalism with our customers while trying to select proven and technically advanced equipment only! The equipment reliability results from careful selection of suppliers. In addition, we maintain a constant liaison with manufacturers and dealers in order to improve equipment and enhance the quality of services.

TAPCO-M team

More than 40 experienced specialists work for TAPCO-M company. The professionalism of our employees is achieved in the process of regular staff training at manufacturing plants, and it is controlled by in-house scheduled certifications.

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